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Our passion is making your internal business processes efficient, automated and a pleasure to use. So you can make more, stress less, develop and grow.

“Equivalent of 3 full-time staff”

“We’ve gone from running the business using spreadsheets and shared folders to having a system in place that really works for us.

We can finally see the big picture, all the data is at our fingertips. The Farsight team has added automations throughout the system that reduce our staff requirement by 3 FTE and remove a lot of headaches too!”

– Lightways (Contractors) Ltd

“£300,000+ in annual savings”

“We knew there was money leaking out of the business due to lack of proper systems. But it was only when we mapped and reviewed everything that we realised how much it was. By improving our systems we’ll be making £300,000 in new growth and savings each year ongoing.”

– Process mapping client

“10 times less running costs”

“Our current system was bloated and hard to manage, so we had to work around a lot of things manually.

With our new bespoke system built by Farsight we have reduced software costs by 10x, and the new system fits our processes exactly. It also automates tasks that used to involve manual crunching numbers in spreadsheets, and we can see data on dashboards that used to be hidden.”

– Angels’ Share Glass Ltd

Hours and hours 5 minutes!”

“Farsight built a system for us that handles our data exactly as we need it. The automations that have been created mean that daily and weekly processes are now 4x faster on average.

Some tasks which would have taken hours and hours literally now take 5 minutes.”

– Rock Candy Holds

What we do and how we do it

Here’s what we can do for you

Consulting & discovery

This is where the journey usually begins. We’ll use our smart process mapping and research processes to turn your complex problem into an elegant report or map which gives you an evidence based plan for the ideal solution.


When you’re adding a new system or struggling with your existing one, we can straighten everything out. We’ll set up your software, getting the configuration right first time by following the vendor’s best practice, but moulding it to fit your exact business needs.

Bespoke build

If there is no off-the-shelf software tool that meets your needs, we can use a no-code or low-code platform to build something that completely solves the problem. You get the flexibility of custom software but with the drastically lower costs and ongoing support of an existing software tool.


When data needs to flow seamlessly between platforms or manual tasks need to be done automatically, we build those connections and optimise them for speed, accuracy and dependability.

Here’s the problem

The accelerating pace of change in the digital technology world, particularly in software, is often overwhelming for business owners like you.

You know your business well, but using digital tools to manage and automate processes in the business is giving you a headache.

You end up using generic office software tools that are not fit for purpose, just because they’re the ones you already know and have available.

This prevents growth as these tools are not scalable, and limits the value of the business as often one or two key people are the only ones who understand and can use the complex spreadsheets or manual systems that have developed over time.

Poor business systems can prevent an otherwise excellent business from thriving in the modern world:

  • The business owner and managers end up stressed because things are being missed.
  • The salary bill is higher than it should be because there’s so much admin and busywork that you need extra people to keep on top of it.
  • Nobody really enjoys their work because daily tasks are frustrating. Morale is impacted as people complain about the system.

It’s a ticking time-bomb. If you haven’t fixed it by now, you probably aren’t going to until things get really bad.

Maybe it’s time to bring in a digital solutions agency?

We are open minded, imaginative,

Our first priority is to help you get what you actually need.

Our mantra is Do what works. Not what is currently in fashion, or what we did last time.

The digital industry is prone to confirmation bias. That means your IT provider or internal techy person might not be in the best position to help you when it comes to software tools to improve your internal processes. They are likely to see what they already know as the best option.

With our research led processes we avoid this by always asking questions.

What new software tools are available? What direction is the digital landscape moving in? Is there a more cost-effective or easy-to-use option available now that wasn’t there when we last solved this problem?

As a result, whether we deliver a full design and build, a process map or a digital platform recommendation, you get unbiased, accurate advice every time.


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